Blackfella Films

It was with great pleasure that I undertook development the new Blackfella Films website.

Once again I developed the site on behalf of The Solid State, who produced yet another visually strong design that does justice to the great TV and Cinema that the BFF guys are producing/have produced, whilst retaining a high informational element. The design also catered for me quite nicely to develop into a fully responsive layout and meet the site requirements as per brief.

This site has some quite neat features and functionality, including:
- Full screen background slideshow
- Animated Projects filter
- 'Other Films' Sidebar scroller
- Sliding tabbed content
- Multimedia individual project slideshows (images and video)
- Animated accordion content
- Slideshow only option
- Full screen mode option. *The HTML5 full screen API is still very new (at least it was when I developed this site) and only supported by the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari (IE users miss out again). On that score, yes there is a function in place to only display the full screen button for browsers that support it. Hopefully it soon won't be necessary as the technology gains wider support.

Last but not least, it would be remiss of me not to mention that this is another custom Wordpress site, with an equally customised admin area that allows the BFF staff to manage every component of the site themselves on a daily basis.

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