Bemboka, a luxury Angora and Cashmere blanket and throw manufacturer, engaged me to develop their new website in 2012. The focus of the brief was a very clean aesthetic with a strong visual emphasis on the products themselves, which implied not making the site textually overbearing. However, websites with very little textual content are generally at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to ranking well in search engines. So, the challenge was incorporating search engine optimised textual content into the design, whilst retaining the desired visual emphasis. Starting off by consulting on the original design concept by Bemboka director Petr Houf and assisting with seeing the concept through to mock-up stage, I then developed a custom Wordpress theme that met the aesthetic requirements, whilst ensuring the SEO requirements were also satisfied. Features include: - A home page splash overlay that works on a fade-out delay and cookie, so users only see it the first time they visit the site. - Client manageable product slideshows with editable keyword rich descriptions and lightbox functionality. Currently stage 2 is in the works, which will be extending the existing site into a fully fledged e-commerce application.

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