About me

My name is Troy Moses. Originally from the Southern Highlands of NSW, I have been working as a web designer/developer in and around the Sydney area for a touch over 11 years now, 7 of those as a freelancer.

I majored in Web Design  as part of  a course of study in Internet Communications at Curtin University of Technology. Along with learning the core coding languages – HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP – my learning focused primarily on website usability, interactivity and dynamic (data base driven) websites.

I also completed a minor in Creative and Professional Writing.

Who do I work for?

A decent amount of my work is for various design and brand communication agencies, either developing outsourced projects from mock visual stage onwards, troubleshooting, or working closely with in-house designers to see existing projects through to completion.

I am also passionate about providing small-medium businesses with the opportunity to achieve a strong, positive web presence and creating websites for them that can become accountable investments, as opposed to just another overhead.

For me, a flexible, versatile approach to my work is key and something I strive to maintain.

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  • freelance web designer sydney

Responsive Design

What is it?

Responsive web design is an approach to building a website that aims to provide an optimal viewing experience across the widest possible range of viewing platforms. A responsive website is one that has been crafted to adjust and resize itself in relation to its viewing environment, from large desktop monitors right down to mobile devices.

Methods used include CSS media queries, percentage based layouts (as opposed to fixed, pixel width) and user agent targeting via either server side or browser side scripting.

It’s what I do.

Where am I?

After 10 years of city life, I recently moved to the picturesque coastal village of Stanwell Park.

It’s roughly half way between Sydney and Wollongong and is such a beautiful place to live and work from, an ideal creative environment if you like. Plus, it’s only an hour’s drive back to Sydney to meet with clients. Easy.



Okay, it’s really just to show off a neat little example of a cross-browser/cross-device compatible (non Flash) audio player. But hey, why not listen to a tune while you’re here.

For those interested, the track is called ‘Past 2’ by a fantastic group out of Brazil called Zémaria.


I develop all new websites with SEO in mind from the outset. This involves consideration toward the overall site structure, writing clean standards compliant markup, ensuring any Javascript (jQuery) used is unobtrusive and following SEO best practices with regard to titles, headings, links and content.

I also carry out SEO work on existing websites including site auditing and reporting, cleaning up any erroneous/extraneous code and ensuring the site is 100% search engine friendly. Further, I make myself available to my clients for consulting on link building campaigns and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies.

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